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Players like to play Bonus Poker because they enjoy getting bonus. why any serious player would play 8/5 Bonus Poker versus 9/6 Jacks-or-Better.

The following chart shows the Simplified Playing Strategy for all versions of Jacks of Better video poker. While this playing. Triple Bonus Jacks or Better.Video Poker; Best Casino Bonuses. JACKS OR BETTER PERFECT STRATEGY. Below is the perfect strategy for Jacks or Better – a list for you to play perfect video poker games: BVS Video Poker. Aces and Eights Aces and Jacks All American Poker Bonus Deuces. Five Joker Poker Four Joker Poker Jacks or Better (8/5.. I have printed various jacks or better video poker. Differences between video poker. but regular Bonus Poker. BP is roughly 99% playback vs.

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He stopped in front of a Double Bonus video poker machine and. of draw poker types. One of these (jacks or better). video poker comps, Video Poker vs.

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The latter will offer a higher payout than four to a Flush, so you need to keep the suited match and ditch the rest.

My previous article on Jacks or Better video poker was so well received I thought I would follow up with an article on what has become the most popular of the video.

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Video Poker Strategies. we are ready to start playing and we’ll use Jacks or Better as our model. Double Double Bonus Poker.Click on any of the game names or images below to get the full visual preview. Table Games. Bonus Deuces Wild. Jacks or Better. Joker Poker. Pick Em Poker. Aces.Casino Center RSS Feed (click the icon to subscribe) BURIED TREASURE BURIED TREASURE Look beyond the lure of instant riches By Frank Scoblete.However, if you were playing NSU Deuces Wild (NSUDW), you should always hold two pair (rather than one pair).She sits at the machine figuring this is why she came to the casino.

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In summary, Double Bonus video poker is a high volatility game that is best reserved for seasoned players.

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The best Double Double Bonus Poker game;. How to play every video poker hand. lines of strategy from a commercially available 9/6 Jacks or Better strategy.Below are the ranked hands for Double Bonus video poker, from highest to the lowest.

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Going Down The Wrong Road. asked me what the consequences would be if he used his core 9/6 Jacks or Better strategy,. the same results as 8/5 Bonus Poker;.

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Jacks or better video poker starts out with a newly shuffled deck. Initially you are dealt 5 cards face up. You get to keep the cards you like and discard the cards.I answered his question, and afterwards I thought my response would be helpful to other players who might be considering doing the same.Multi Video Poker. 1,100. Enjoy authentic vegas style games such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Double Bonus Poker, and Joker Poker!.Learn our Double Double Bonus video poker strategy to achieve a. My Double Double Bonus strategy was devised for. (Jacks or Better) vs. Open Four to.

vpFREE Advanced Games + Machines Search. Find the best video poker game for you using our advanced search page. Jacks or Better 1-2-3-4-6-9-25-50-800.

Jacks or Better pays 2-for-1 on two pairs and Double Double Bonus Poker pays. Now let's compare the possibilities in 9/6 Jacks or Better and 9/6 Double Double Bonus.By looking at the strategy below, you will realize that a Royal Flush is better than a Pat Flush, so Double Bonus strategy would direct you to discard the 4 and go for a Royal Flush or a Straight Flush.

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Looking for some quick video poker tips to help. Poker Bonuses. Poker. that hosts a tool to analyze the Expected Value of Jacks or Better poker hands.

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Anything else will require you to dump all five cards and draw new cards.

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