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Can you tell me which chip sets are better.Clay Chip Sets or wooden chips. rockymountainpokersupplies.com sells poker games.Never in all my years of playing have I had the string of beats I get from online and ft in particular.TIP: Full Tilt and Stars are both closed to US players. Is Online Poker Rigged? 7 Poker Myths Busted; The Online Poker Boom is Over; 13 Comments. Anaconda.What is stopping FTP from using one of a folded players cards later in the hand afterall they are long gone from the hand or observing it.I might not be great in poker but I am pretty good in math and understanding the odds.We have the technology, but until players start demanding better security and integrity, the poker rooms are going to ignore solutions like ours.This Lock Poker payout option review also has a section on deposit methods that American players at the new LockPoker.eu 2.0 in 2016 but focuses on Lock Poker's.If they have a few computer players finish just in the Top 10 or so and they trim just 10% of the prize pool, they DOUBLE the amount they take in daily.Any time you play above your bankroll, it is set up to get you broke.

Full Tilt Poker has received official TST certification for our RNG systems.Make all the money now and invest in compound interest, its smart.I just finished a tournament, and I have a tendency to go view and study certain last hands t better understand a player.I agree with most posters that the program is engineered to support bad play.I have been studying poker DILIGANTLY for more than 10 years.Full Tilt Rigged Confirmed?? Anyone know where this post came from or where this guys blog is?. In my opinion Full Tilt Poker is rigged.Also there needs to be licensing to keep the fly by nights offline.I have probaly lost close to 40,000 during that time, cashed out once for 1G at Ultimate Bet.

Since I started playing I have become a much better player and continue to win more than my share live cash, and tournaments.Queens represent 7.7% of the deck, yet one of them is represented in 60% of my top ten hands.Such as the streak of great hands for the first six or so hands.

I understand as do all poker players that beats happen in live games as it will in online games but the consistency of beats in percentage is quite abnormal.So if it is all a big money making scam for FTP is Rush Poker the biggest catalyst for sinking bankrolls.

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It is hard to prove, but I have seen enough to know, not think that FullTilt is rigged, that the cards are not always dealt in a random way.Once I noticed this consistency, I started paying attention to it specifically.The software eliminates players in tourney play dealing out set-up hands just to get people out so Tourney ends sooner, so people can buy into another.

Considering typical methods for exploiting RNGs and given their understanding of the source code, Cigital does not believe it is feasible for players to either know or alter the operation of the RNG under normal operating conditions.I played the same game I played on stars, but after an initial run, I just got hammered by an insane amount of beats, day after day after day.I have made good money at online poker and would hate to think that these sites are rigged.There are other profitable patterns as well(US players win over 70% of races against non US players.) Check this out for youself.The next day, I played the whole day and I had full times around three times and lost again a bigger full house.So yes, I play like a donk sometimes and other times, I am in the zone.Well these books were talking about real poker not this online bs we are playing.I have never been the victim of so many bad beats in my life.

When you get them on full tilt you really, really hope none calls, win the blinds and be happy.If they wanted to, they could select one random member and keep dealing him royal flushes.Let me say one more thing, our time on Earth is so short. 10 or 20 years from now do you really want to look back at your life and say that you were addicted to online poker and wasted a couple of years on the computer trying to win a couple of bucks.

The site is even prgrammed to adjust the flop for big stacks so that even if the big stack calls your hand with nothing he will end up beating your good made hand by the river.But it seems once i had the high chip count on the table i was unbeatable.If you think online is legit you are stupid, unobservant or a shill for some online site or forum making money from online sites.

Actually someone should build a website so people could post screen shots on it for all to see.I had the same experience as so many others there: the bad run of cards starts and it never stops.Once you put your money with these set up hands, each time you will incur an abnormally bad beat.This is a comprehensive analysis during which Full Tilt Poker submitted detailed information about our RNG systems, including hardware components, software source code, complete documentation, and servers for testing.I misread his hand and im happy to see he got K6 and i got him dominated. The f. turn is K.Cheating in Online Poker. PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker are the biggest online poker sites in the world and spend enormous sums every year on their security.Full Tilt Poker Wont Load. Players at Full Tilt Poker are not happy that the site will not connect or load. The problem is that the site is out of money, lost.

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I am willing to share this info because there seems to be an endless supply of non believer suckers.In order to ensure and demonstrate the security and fairness of our card shuffling procedures, Full Tilt Poker has obtained official RNG certification from an independent accredited testing facility.The flop was three different suited cards, no straight or flush anything, and the turn river and straight and flush runner runner.You will find here people who make illogical calls and illogical raises.The ones trying to say that it is not rigged are probably FullTilt shills trying to pour cold water over what most of seem to know.

If we have enough hands we can prove that Full Tilt is a cheat.Very next hand I lose to the same player when i got dealt AQ hit top pair on the flop and he has T6s for 2 pairs, second pair on the turn.Im constantly pickn up blinds and killing limpers in position with big hands.Notice how i said different. Now. online roulette IS rigged, i know this after years of working it out.I noticed EVERY SINGLE time it gave me a hand, the guy to my right, a big stack, would raise me.40. This happened about 5 times at seperate occasions.During that time I played a dozen or so NLHEs with little or no success.In all cases I was way better than a coin flip, waaaaay better.I say all this because I want everyone to understand that I am NOT an idiot.It is so frustrating when u know its going to screw u. if this was how poker was meant to be I dount there would be any pros as it would all just be about flipping a coin.Stay away from fulltilt is will only give u gray hair and take years off your life from the frustration.

Straight flush loose to Royal Flush, Quads over Quads, Quads loose to Straight Flush etc but I have put some bad ones on others too.Like day and night-running well to not being able to win a hand no matter how solid I am.If anyone else tried to copy and paste it would be interesting to see if it went through.

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I took the best decisions, trapped the donkeys, and made excelent plays.

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