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Casino Gaming. Applications. Junket Application (Adobe PDF format) Junket Application. Casino – Annual Employee Report Form (Excel).Began his career in the casino industry in 1978. Has specialized in casino marketing, junket/air programs, slot/table rating systems, and IT business systems analysis.

A junket is a free excursion, trip or celebration, generally supplied in the hope of gaining something from the person being treated.As casino operators target more VIP business, junket operators will look to increase their commissions, narrowing margins for the casinos.This is essentially the answer that Spehro Pefhany offered back on May 5.The determiners are junket commissions and working-capital facilitation.It is now improperly written junket in this sense, which alone remains much in use. See junket.

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Gaming Junket is an arrangement whereby a person or a group of persons is introduced to a casino operator by a junket promoter who receives a commission or other payment from the casino operator. Junket rooms are rented out to private vendors who run tour groups through them and give a portion of the proceeds to the main casino.Casino Junkets FAQ. What is a Casino Junket? 'Junkets' are trips offered to VIP Casino customers for travel to and play at a particular casino.The person supplying the junket could be called a junketeer, but that seems to more commonly be defined as the person on the receiving end.Exclusive flight and hotel packages. Offer is by invitation only and valid only at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. Offer is date, time and flight specific.Definition of junket. What is the meaning of junket in various languages. Translation of junket in the dictionary.Gambling junket charter means a charter arranged by a casino, hotel, cruise line, or its agents, the purpose of which is to transport passengers to the casino, hotel.

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The name is now applied to Chinese, Japanese, Loochoo, Siamese, and.The following is an example of state statute (Pennsylvania) defining the term.When he cashes out, his winnings are paid in Hong Kong dollars, which he can stash in a bank in Hong Kong or take farther afield.

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Define junket. junket synonyms, junket pronunciation, junket translation, English dictionary definition of junket. n. 1. A trip or tour, especially: a. One taken by.The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau. To collaborate in the definition,. To issue license for the junket promoters of casino games of fortune.Junket operators bring VIP customers into the casinos and casinos typically work with a handful of junket operators or room operators who, in turn, run perhaps thousands of junkets on a full- or a part-time basis.

Gambling Glossary. Glossary of Gambling Terms;. An exception to the usual definition is in craps,. Sticky chips are often given to a player as part of a junket,.Find the word definition. Enter. the trip as a taxpayer-paid junket. and give a portion of the proceeds to the main casino. vb. To go on or attend a junket.

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A Chinese junket operator in Manila said on Tuesday that two high-rollers from Beijing and. a casino resort owned and operated by. 2 442.6244 Loc. 143, 144.14 Casino operator’s involvement with junkets 13 15 Casino employee’s involvement with. For the purposes of the definition of minor change in section 35 (1.

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In view of these complicated, highly technical, constantly evolving, and inconsistently applied gambling-industry terms, it seems very unwise of The Economist to have used junket to mean junket operator (or perhaps junket agent or junket representative or junket organizer ).While casino collection tactics may be controlled, the danger lies in running up a bad debt on a junket.

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Once fired by a casino, the junket agent has little chance of getting dates at other casinos.

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Junket —A group of players who travel to a casino for the primary purpose of gambling at that casino.

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