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Learn common root word definitions. you can recognize the basis of any word and use that knowledge to help you define a word you may not. Loc meaning: Place.

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Jackpot A special bonus paid to the loser of a hand if he gets a very good hand beaten.Can also mean a complete five card board that has no more than two of any suit, thus no flush is possible.

A semi-bluff may be correct when betting for value is not correct, a pure bluff is not correct, but the combination of the two may be a positive expectation play.When a professional dealer (casino or cardroom) or automated dealer (online) is present - it is necessary to identify the player who would be dealing the cards because the blinds and the betting action are to the left of the dealer.The support team is on hand 24-7 to assist you, and can answer any questions not listed in the FAQ.

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Extra Blind A blind put in by a player just entering the game, returning to the game, or otherwise changing his position at the table.In table stakes games, a player -may not go into his pocket for more money during a hand.

Draw To play a hand that is not yet good, but could become so if the right cards come.A player with a foul hand may not make any claim on any portion of the pot.For instance, a player holding 9-5 with a board of 2-7-6 can make a straight with any eight.Example: you have T9, the flop is T-9-5, you have a split two pair.It is generally used to imply that the winner of the pot had no business being in the pot at all, and it was the wildest of luck that he managed to catch the one card in the deck that would win the pot.Set Three of a kind when you have two of the rank in your hand, and there is one on the board.With the exception of strange flops (e.g., 3-3-X, K-3-X), it will always lose to KQ.Button A white acrylic disk that indicates the (nominal) dealer.

Split Pot A pot that is shared by two or more players because they have equivalent hands.Backdoor Catching both the turn and river card to make a drawing hand.Structured Used to apply to a certain betting structure in poker games.Example: a player leaves one seat at a table and takes another in such a way that he moves farther from the blinds.Free Online Medical Dictionary and Medical Searches for the Doctor or Healthcare Professional.Kicker An unpaired card used to determine the better of two near-equivalent hands.Open-Ended Straight Draw Seeking one of two card values to make a straight.

LOC Acronym Definition. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. This acronym is marked as active and was last updated in 2015.At E*TRADE, you're in full control of your financial future. We have the information, the analysis, and the online investing & trading tools you need. Have at it.Complete Hand A hand that is defined by all five cards - a straight, flush, full house or straight flush.This has counterfeited your hand and made it almost worthless.

If he runs out, a side pot is created in which he has no interest.Make your first real money deposit and start playing at PokerStars.

Semi-Bluff A powerful concept first discussed by David Sklansky.Drug Rehab New Mexico - Find the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers !.fireplace poker definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'firepan',fireable',fire',fireback', Reverso dictionary, English definition, English vocabulary.

Skip to definition. WordWeb Online. Dictionary and. Get the FREE one-click dictionary software for Windows or the iPhone/iPad and. poker chip poker face poker.Fold To forfeit any chance of winning the current pot in poker.Implied Odds Pot odds that do not exist at the moment, but may be included in your calculations because of bets you expect to win if you hit your hand.

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Equivalent to betting zero dollars. (2) Another word for chip, as in poker chip.For instance, if you raised before the flop, and then raised again when the flop came ace high, you would be representing at least an ace with a good - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions.Rake An amount of money taken out of every pot by the dealer.

However, it can also be a draw that, given enough callers, has a positive expectation.What is Love? Definition and meaning:LOVE luv ('ahebh, 'ahabhah, noun; phileo, agapao, verb; agape, noun): Love to both God and man is fundamental to true religion.It is a bet or raise that you hope will not be called, but you have some outs if it is.However, a player who occasionally acts like a maniac and confuses his opponents is quite dangerous.

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Poker definition: Poker is a card game that people usually play in order to win money. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.Need information about billing and payment for your home account? Duke Energy has answers.

Slow Play To play a strong hand weakly so more players will stay in the pot.The PREMIS Data Dictionary. Please send comments and questions to [email protected] iv Data Dictionary for Preservation. uses this practical definition:.

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Define poker. poker synonyms, poker pronunciation, poker translation, English dictionary definition of poker. n. One that pokes, especially a metal rod used to stir a fire. n.Straddle An optional extra blind bet, typically made by the player one to the left of the big blind, equal to twice the big blind.Nevertheless, if you do get callers, you could still improve to the best hand.

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